Airspeed Oxford
Dragon Rapide
Fairey Swordfish
Tiger Moth
Avro Anson
Vickers Wellington
Percival Prentice
Douglas Dakota
Taylorcraft Auster
Bristol 170
DH Heron
Vickers Viking
Douglas DC 4
Piper Apache
Piaggio 166
Canadair Argonaut
BAC 111
Boeing 727
Vickers Viscount
Vickers Vanguard
Boeing 707
Trident 3
Lockheed Tristar
Boeing 737
Boeing 747
Short 360
British Aerospace ATP
DC 9
Boeing 757
Airbus A320
Boeing 767
Boeing 777
Airbus A330
For something to do/amuse myself, I posed the question, how many
Different types of Aircraft have I Flown in? And came up with thirty six,
Two of which I have flown myself. Quite a few of the photos are the
Actual aircraft, others with multiple Flights, are just type photos, but in
The livery of the Airline flown with, I have not included different variants
Of the same type.